Evaluation roadmaps

These describe the purpose, scope and timing of evaluations.

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Evaluation calendar

The Commission plans its evaluations of laws, policies and spending programmes up to 5 years in advance. It publishes an indicative calendar of planned evaluations, which is updated on an annual basis.

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Each Commission department is responsible for evaluating the laws, policies and spending programmes under its remit.

The table below contains the contact details of evaluation experts in different policy areas across the Commission. If you have specific questions on the agenda, timing and progress of work, contact the relevant team.

For general queries on the Commission's evaluation policy, contact:

Unit SG.C.1 – Evaluation, Regulatory Fitness and Performance

Postal address
200 Rue de la Loi
1049 Brussels
Berlaymont 06/391

Evaluation contacts in Commission departments


Contact mailbox
Agriculture and Rural Development agri-evaluation@ec.europa.eu


Climate Action n/a
Communication comm-evaluation@ec.europa.eu
Communications Networks, Content and Technology cnect-f4-evaluation@ec.europa.eu
Competition n/a
Economic and Financial Affairs ecfin-evaluations@ec.europa.eu
Education and Culture eac-unite-r2@ec.europa.eu
Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion empl-a3-unit@ec.europa.eu
Energy n/a
Environment env-01-evaluation@ec.europa.eu
European Anti-Fraud Office n/a
Eurostat estat-evaluation@ec.europa.eu
Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union grow-b2@ec.europa.eu
Health and Food Safety sante-evaluation@ec.europa.eu
Human Resources and Security hr-surveys-evaluation@ec.europa.eu
Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection echo-eval@ec.europa.eu
Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs grow-evaluation@ec.europa.eu
International Cooperation and Development europeaid-b2-1@ec.europa.eu
Interpretation scic-evaluation@ec.europa.eu
Joint Research Centre jrc-evaluation-unit@ec.europa.eu
Justice and Consumers


Maritime Affairs and Fisheries n/a
Migration and Home Affairs n/a
Mobility and Transport n/a
Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations n/a
Publications Office n/a
Regional and Urban Policy regio-eval@ec.europa.eu
Research and Innovation n/a
Secretariat-General sg-evaluation-and-simplification@ec.europa.eu
Taxation and Customs Union taxud-eval-ia@ec.europa.eu
Trade n/a
Translation dgt-evaluation@ec.europa.eu