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Video competition on evidence-based science policy


Video competition on evidence-based science policy
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The European Commission's science and knowledge service, the Joint Research Centre (JRC), is inviting researchers to participate in a video competition that highlights research which promotes evidence-based policy making in science.


The competition focuses on the topics of the EU4FACTS conference: Evidence for policy in a post-fact world and participating videos should address topics such as: the role of science in times of fake news and ‘filter bubbles’*, how to deal with ‘alternative’ sources of statistics and how to couple the use of evidence and data with values and emotions when making science policy decisions.

The deadline for submitting a video of 90 seconds maximum or a poster is 15 September. The winners will be announced at the EU4FACTS conference on 26 September.

Videos can be submitted via Twitter, Facebook or Youtube, using the hashtag #EU4Facts on Twitter and Facebook and tagging @EU_ScienceHub on Twitter or the JRC Science Hub Facebook page on Facebook. If posting on Youtube, send an email with the link to

Meanwhile the JRC announced it will soon open some of its non-nuclear scientific laboratories and facilities to scientists and researchers from the private and public sectors.


*Filter bubbles reflect a website algorithm's guess of what the user would like to see based on his past searches.