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Help shape EU policy to halt decline in bees, butterflies and other pollinators


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Opinions are being sought to help shape European policy aimed at halting the decline in bee and butterfly species and other wild pollinators. The questionnaire covers the causes and consequences of pollinator decline, potential mitigation measures and the EU approach to the problem. Respondents have until 5th April 2018 to contribute views on the EU pollinators initiative.


Commissioner for the Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Karmenu Vella said:

"Scientists have warned us of steep pollinator decline across Europe. We have a good understanding of declines for some pollinators while there are knowledge gaps for others. But it is beyond doubt that it is time to act. If we do not, we and our future generations would pay a very heavy price indeed."

Given the broad public interest in this subject, opinions are being sought from a wide range of stakeholders: including citizens, scientists, environmental non-governmental organisations, farmers, farmers' associations and farm advisors, beekeepers, rural communities, the agro- and food industry, landscape architects, educational institutions and public authorities.

The Commission will also hold workshops with experts and Member State authorities dealing with pollinators and pollination service; biodiversity and nature conservation; land management in rural areas, especially agriculture and urban development and planning.


A roadmap for the EU Pollinators Initiative outlining the problem, aims of the initiative and possible options was published in December 2017 and open for comments. Feedback here.