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Are you a teacher whose pupils learn about the EU? Teachers' Corner contains all kinds of material for different age groups. Whether you want to teach your pupils about what the EU does, how it began and how it works or to debate EU policies in greater detail, you'll find plenty of inspiration there.

You will also find EU games and quizzes for children from 6 to 16 years old in Kids' Corner.

You can also order other EU general publications.

If you wish to order publications not listed in the forms, please contact your local Europe Direct Information Centre (EDIC) or the UK Representation Offices using the email addresses below:

The Representation cannot guarantee being able to send the quantities requested.

This Representation is unable to send publications outside the UK. If you want publications sent to another country, please contact:

  • For EU countries, your national European Commission Representation
  • For non-EU countries, your European Union Delegation

Passport to the European Union Passport to the European Union

Publication date: 2016

You can order or download the brochure.

Passport to the European Union (in Welsh)Passport to the European Union (in Welsh)

Publication date: 2015

You can order or download the brochure.

The Mystery of the Golden Stars. Story BookThe Mystery of the Golden Stars. Story Book

Publication date: 2014

The primary aim of this resource is to introduce some aspects of the European Union in a child-friendly way to upper junior school-aged children in the UK. It allows children to discover what the EU is; how it works and how it may be relevant to them, in a fun and stimulating way.

You can order or download the brochure.

The Mystery of the Golden Stars. Teacher's Activity GuideThe Mystery of the Golden Stars. Teacher's Activity Guide

Publication date: 2014

This resource includes suggestions on how to use the story book plus the hand-outs to be copied for the pupils. The activities take a cross-curricular approach, including six different links to the curriculum (geography, maths, history, English, science and design & technology).

We have currently run out of Stock but you can download the brochure from here.

Let's explore EuropeLet's explore Europe

Publication date: 2014

Europe: a beautiful continent with a fascinating history. It has produced many of the world’s famous scientists, inventors, artists and composers, as well as popular entertainers and successful sports people. For centuries Europe was plagued by wars and divisions. But in the last 60 years or so, the countries of this old continent have at last been coming together in peace, friendship and unity, to work for a better Europe and a better world. This resource tells the story simply and clearly. Full of interesting facts and colourful illustrations, it gives a lively overview of Europe and explains briefly what the European Union is and how it works.

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Languages take you furtherLanguages take you further

Publication date: 2013

The European Day of Languages is celebrated on 26th September each year to encourage everybody to learn languages. In this small booklet you will find examples of the many languages spoken in Europe. By learning the language of another country one also gets to know better its culture and people; this may be of great advantage.

See also the interactive online booklet.

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EU Map EU Map

A1, not laminated, folded.

This map is meant to be handed out to pupils.

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EU Map for childrenEU Map for children

A1, not laminated, folded

You can download the map.

EU Wall Map EU Wall Map

A0 laminated for classroom

This map is meant for decorating classrooms and common areas.

You can order or download the map.