Representation in United Kingdom


Invitations have been sent.

The European Commission Representation in the UK is planning to launch a procurement in June/July to hire services to monitor and assess its ongoing Erasmus+ information activities and the state of play of citizens' rights related to the UK's withdrawal from the European Union. Should you like to be invited to this call please send an e-mail to expressing your interest.  

Closed Tender

The deadline for application has passed, submissions are now closed.

Tender no.  PO/2017-09/LON - Social media manager, Representation of the European Commission in the United Kingdom.

The European Commission Representation in the United Kingdom is seeking a service provider who can deliver a social media manager to perform the services in London. The social media presence of the Representation plays a crucial role in engaging the public on European matters.

The Social Media Manager will be integrated as part of the team of the Representation and is expected to be a supportive and co-operative team member, able to take initiatives and to be proactive and confident.

Deadline for applications: 30/06/2017

Details available here

Closed Tender

Tender no. PO/2017-01/Lon - Assembly monitoring for the offices of the representation of the European Commission in the United Kingdom – lot 1 (Belfast), lot 2 (Cardiff) and lot 3 (Edinburgh)

One of the core tasks of European Commission Representations and Offices is political reporting. The EC Offices in Northern Ireland (Belfast), Wales (Cardiff) and Scotland (Edinburgh) aim to keep both the London Representation and the European Commission in Brussels abreast of all significant developments in relation to the European Union and its policies, in particular following the referendum result on June 23 2016. This includes monitoring by the EC Offices of issues in the respective Assemblies.  A monitoring service would greatly assist the part time Political Reporters in the Offices by saving time watching plenary sessions, committees, reading through transcripts and monitoring all statements and press releases issued.  Rather than replacing the Political Reporter's role, such a service would add to the detail and information that is already provided by them.

Deadline for applications: 06/03/2017

Details available here