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Press conference by Pierre Moscovici

Growth is set to remain strong in 2018 and 2019 at 2.1% and 2% respectively in both the EU and the euro area, estimates the European Commission in its Summer 2018 Interim Economic Forecast released today. For the UK economy the outlook remains subdued.

The Frontiers of the Roman Empire

To mark the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 this exhibition focuses on the historical zone that spans Europe and 1,900 years of history. Designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, it recognises the significance of how an era of profound civilisation shaped the Europe we know today. As a frontier aligning all in its path – places, people – it brought order and established a symbolic definition of the reach of civilisation, but as a contemporary zone crossing the continent and...

  • 18/07/2018 to 10/08/2018
Translating Comics: It’s Not Just in the Bubble

It was at a comics festival in Algeria that Canan first learned about the Paris massacre of 17 October 1961 against Algerians. It took the few pages of a comic to connect a total stranger to an event that seemed to have been forgotten across Europe and to create empathy. As a medium, comics allow the most difficult stories to reach new audiences; comics are made everywhere and for everyone. And once you take them out of their bubbles, allow them to circulate freely through translation, you...

  • 25/07/2018
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