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Opinions are being sought to help shape European policy aimed at halting the decline in bee and butterfly species and other wild pollinators. The questionnaire covers the causes and consequences of pollinator decline, potential mitigation measures and the EU approach to the problem. Respondents have until 5th April 2018 to contribute views on the EU pollinators initiative.

Landscape by Genko Genkov

Bulgarian Art from the Collection of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

On the occasion of Bulgaria’s EU Presidency, the Embassy of Bulgaria in London and the 12 Star Gallery present an exhibition of 20th century Bulgarian art, predominantly from the collection of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The exhibition will showcase works by leading Bulgarian painters, figurative and abstract, stretching over a time period that covers the last 50 years. These will include: David...

  • 09/01/2018 to 19/01/2018
Irena Sendler

She was a Polish Social Worker in Warsaw during World War Two and is an iconic figure of righteousness and resistance who coordinated a network of rescuers that enabled many hundreds of Jewish children to escape the horrors of the Warsaw Ghetto.  She was recognised by Yad Vashem as Righteous Among the Nations in 1965.  To mark the tenth anniversary of her death, 2018 has been officially designated in Poland 'The Year of Irena Sendler'.

Organised by...

  • 24/01/2018 to 02/02/2018