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Maritime Transport Strategy 2018

Maritime Transport Strategy 2018

January 2009

In this Communication the Commission presents the main strategic objectives for the European maritime transport system up to 2018. The Strategy identifies key areas where action by the EU will strengthen the competitiveness of the sector while enhancing its environmental performance.

While the Communication looks at the long term (10-years) horizon, the current economic context and the characteristics of shipping market cycles have been taken into account. It is set in the broader context of the EU Transport Policy, but also aims at supporting other relevant policies, in particular the EU’s integrated maritime policy.

In broad terms, the strategic goals and recommendations of the Commission Communication refer to two main issues:

  • The ability of the maritime transport sector to provide cost-efficient maritime transport services adapted to the needs of sustainable economic growth of the EU and world economies and

  • The long-term competitiveness of the EU shipping sector, enhancing its capacity to generate value and employment in the EU, both directly and indirectly, through the whole cluster of maritime industries.

The Communication itself is divided into six chapters: (i.) shipping trends & business conditions, (ii.) human resources, (iii.) quality shipping, (iv.) international scene, (v.) short-sea shipping and (vi.) research and innovation.