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Enterprise Europe Network

Helping you succeed - the Enterprise Europe Network is there for you!

Every company that wants to apply for H2020 funding or has already receiving funding for an innovation project under the SME instrument is entitled to free support from the Enterprise Europe Network . Your local Enterprise Europe Network partner can not only help you with hands-on support in the management of a European project and the grant agreement, but also helps you ensure that your innovation project succeeds. Starting from an individual analysis of the existing strengths and weaknesses of each company involved in the project, your Network partner will advise you throughout the progress of your project and provide you with free access to professional coaching in areas where additional assistance is required.

In this way, you get several days' worth of free specialised advisory services designed to sharpen your innovation management and to ensure that all crucial aspects are taken into account to drive your innovation project to the best possible conclusion for your company. Are there any strategic mismatches between the project and your company's orientation? Are all IPR issues duly considered? Do you need to build up specific skills to deal with a technological innovation? Is your company ready to grow? Together with you we will find answers and solutions (always, of course, in strict confidence). Finally, when your project nears its successful conclusion, the Enterprise Europe Network will also link you up with new markets and potential investors.

All of this comes at no additional cost - it is part and parcel of your support package as a beneficiary of the SME Instrument. For more details, please get in touch - with about 500 branches throughout the EU and in other countries participating in Horizon 2020, your local Network partner is never far away.

Other help services for enterprises and industry

The following services that support European SMEs, other enterprises and industry also provide general help and guidance on the EU funded research and innovation. While the Enterprise Europe Network can help you with specific questions about the EU research and innovation funding programmes, these networks give more general advice.

BICs - European Business & Innovation Centre Network (EBN)

The European Business and Innovation Centre Network (EBN) is an international non-profit association created in 1984 to co-ordinate the activities of the European Commission Business & Innovation Centres (BICs). At present EBN is an independent association with over 240 members, including 155 quality-certified EU|BICs (business and innovation centres, incubators, accelerators and other support organisations) and 75 associate members all over Europe and in 11 other countries (including Russia, Turkey, Canada, Egypt, China, Taiwan, Brazil, US, India and Africa). Over the last three decades, EBN has become a reference point in Europe on innovation, spin-off, incubation, entrepreneurship, SMEs, and regional economic development.

EUROCHAMBRES - Connecting business to Europe

EUROCHAMBRES, the Association of European Chambers of Commerce and Industry, forms one of the key pillars of business representation to the EU. EUROCHAMBRES voices the interests of over 19 million member enterprises in 45 European countries through a network of 2000 regional and local Chambers represented by 45 national and one transnational organisations. It is the sole European body that serves the interests of every sector and every size of European business and with strong regional focus is close to business.