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Success stories

Drug assessment for potential negative effects on patients’ hearts is a cost-intensive task, and it still occasionally fails to deliver on its promise. The EU-funded MAREP project has created a new laser-based technology that can streamline the drug development process. At the same time, it enhances patient safety which is a big plus for all citizens.

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Rejoice, no one is entirely opposed to addressing their misbeliefs

The EU-funded DEBUNKER project has been studying the mechanisms creating, reinforcing and correcting misperceptions. Early findings provide a glimmer of hope for those willing to right the wrongs of conspiracy theories, misinformation and fake news. These findings offer hope that our societies can become less polarised and divided and more transparent, ultimately benefiting all citizens.

Making sustainable hydropower a reality

Whilst being a renewable energy, hydropower has a rather large environmental footprint. From its dams causing flooding to its power plants threatening fish populations, the key to the wider use of hydropower is to make it more sustainable. Thanks to new cost-effective measures developed by the EU-funded FIThydro project, environmentally friendly, sustainable hydropower may soon be a reality.