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Success stories

Natural disasters threaten citizens around the world with disruption to essential services, damage to property and infrastructure, and the loss of life. The EU-funded ChEESE project uses supercomputing to help forecast accurate disaster scenarios. As a result, authorities in La Palma were able to make informed decisions and save lives when the Cumbre Vieja volcano erupted.

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Cutting the distance from farm to fork

Projects that successfully connect food producers to nearby consumers can struggle to be seen. The EU-funded SKIN project brought together partners from across Europe to share their knowledge. Reconnecting the two ends of the food supply chain benefits farmers and citizens alike, improving access to local resources while protecting the environment.

Greens were very much on the hunter-gatherer menu

Ancient European hunter-gatherers have been characterised as mainly meat eaters. Yet the EU-funded HIDDEN FOODS project unearthed clear evidence that they in fact routinely ate plant-based foods. This suggests that alongside protein and fat, glucose was potentially key to the survival of the ancestors of European citizens.