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Success stories

Certain plastic materials can be incredibly difficult to recycle. The EU-funded MultiCycle project has developed a pilot plant that can recycle complex plastic materials. This helps the EU move towards a circular economy, allowing citizens to benefit from plastics in an environmentally friendly way.

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Putting data privacy back in the hands of EU citizens

If data is the new gold, it’s only fair that its rightful owners can use and share it as they please. A novel Privacy-Enhanced Dashboard has been developed by the EU-funded PoSeID-on project. This will make it easier for EU citizens to exercise greater control over their personal data, across a wide range of public and private services.

The fungal factories growing next-generation bio-compounds

Europe is in the process of moving away from an economy based on fossil fuels. The EU-funded FALCON project has achieved a breakthrough with a range of bio-based compounds that turn waste plant matter into essential chemicals. This offers citizens a greener and more economically viable future.