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At low temperatures and high pressures, water behaves strangely, becoming two distinct liquids. With a pioneering use of X-ray lasers, the EU-funded WATER project explored the behaviour of water in this liminal realm. The findings have potential to improve fuel cells and desalination technology, and may even aid the search for life on other planets.

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Seafloor study hints at hidden reservoir below a water-starved EU Member State

With land resources overstretched or polluted, humans are increasingly exploring offshore solutions to onshore problems such as a lack of clean drinking water. The EU-funded MARCAN project has created tools to better understand the characteristics of offshore groundwater which are not well understood. The work will help sustainably develop maritime resources for the benefit of European citizens.

Artificial intelligence accelerates the hunt for cancer drivers

Identifying the specific genetic mutations that cause cancer has always been a challenge. The EU-funded NONCODRIVERS project offers a solution with a pioneering approach that applies machine learning based modelling to tumour data. This could lead to more personalised therapies that save the lives of thousands of citizens every year.