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Success stories

Transitioning to a waste-free economy requires cities and regions across Europe to properly collect, recycle and reuse waste. Unfortunately, this is not the case in many places. Thanks to the EU-funded COLLECTORS project, policymakers have access to the information they need to implement fully integrated waste collection systems, making life cleaner and greener for EU citizens.

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Better standards and certifications for more successful bio-based products

Europe needs more bio-based products to ensure future generations inherit a sustainable society, but the success of such products can only be built on trust. The EU-funded STAR-ProBio project are conscious of the challenges ahead. They built a new framework to help create better labels, standards and certifications that will allow for that trust to be built, ultimately benefiting all EU citizens.

OpenAIRE-Advance helps move Europe further down the open science path

The easier knowledge can be spread, the faster science can move forward. The OpenAIRE initiative has been spearheading this vision since 2008 with the goal of setting European science free. Most recently, the EU-funded OpenAIRE-Advance project went a step further by making open access to research the default option across Europe, bringing science truly closer to citizens.