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Success stories

Catalytic reactions are crucial for energy conversion and the production of chemicals, but their operation is limited by slow heat transfer. The EU-funded INTENT project developed new reactor designs with improved potential for heat transfer. The research and results will help in the transition of Europe’s energy sector away from fossil fuels.


Tools to protect and optimise Europe’s internet communications

When internet routers fail, the consequences are wide-ranging. The EU-funded SafeNet project has released the first publicly available open-source tool to detect and fix router bugs. This together with commercial software to optimise data centre networks are helping to protect the communications infrastructure European citizens rely on.

A new model for the formation of elliptical galaxies

Most stars today can be found in giant, dead ellipticals which have long been considered by scientists the end of an evolutionary line for galaxies. How these galaxies formed and died so quickly has been an open question. The ConTExt project provides an explanation that is already paving the way to a new generation of astronomical studies.