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Success stories

If data is the new gold, it’s only fair that its rightful owners can use and share it as they please. A novel Privacy-Enhanced Dashboard has been developed by the EU-funded PoSeID-on project. This will make it easier for EU citizens to exercise greater control over their personal data, across a wide range of public and private services.

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The fungal factories growing next-generation bio-compounds

Europe is in the process of moving away from an economy based on fossil fuels. The EU-funded FALCON project has achieved a breakthrough with a range of bio-based compounds that turn waste plant matter into essential chemicals. This offers citizens a greener and more economically viable future.

A tale of the gut, microbial miscommunication, and preventing disease

The many microscopic organisms, or microbiome, that live in our gut play a big part in keeping us healthy, yet a breakdown in communication between them and the rest of the body can badly affect our health. The EU-funded META-BIOME project set out to understand the causes of this miscommunication. To understand this could allow for new treatments against many diseases, benefiting all citizens.