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The many microscopic organisms, or microbiome, that live in our gut play a big part in keeping us healthy, yet a breakdown in communication between them and the rest of the body can badly affect our health. The EU-funded META-BIOME project set out to understand the causes of this miscommunication. To understand this could allow for new treatments against many diseases, benefiting all citizens.

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An innovative new drug delivery system to help treat brain cancer

The EU-funded POTENT project has been developing a new type of drug delivery system for glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer. It can considerably improve treatment outcomes for patients and increase their life expectancy. Clinical trials could start in 2 to 4 years, a step closer to making the system available for the patients that could most benefit from it.

Cheaper, more effective cardiac impact assessment for new drugs

Drug assessment for potential negative effects on patients’ hearts is a cost-intensive task, and it still occasionally fails to deliver on its promise. The EU-funded MAREP project has created a new laser-based technology that can streamline the drug development process. At the same time, it enhances patient safety which is a big plus for all citizens.