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Ancient European hunter-gatherers have been characterised as mainly meat eaters. Yet the EU-funded HIDDEN FOODS project unearthed clear evidence that they in fact routinely ate plant-based foods. This suggests that alongside protein and fat, glucose was potentially key to the survival of the ancestors of European citizens.

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Mapping corporations helps explain global economic complexity

The global economy is dominated by multinational corporations whose sheer complexity is often incomprehensible even to journalists and lawmakers. A pioneering mapping exercise by the EU-funded CORPLINK project has helped to explain how, and why, these corporations have become so complex. This approach could offer citizens greater transparency of modern capitalist systems.

Extracting value from waste to deliver high-end products

All too often, waste ends up in landfill or is incinerated. The EU-funded DAFIA project sought to address this by exploring ways of converting waste into ingredients to make high-end products. Recovering valuable compounds from waste streams is helping the EU transition away from fossil fuels, benefitting industry, the environment and citizens.