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Success stories

Science has long held that in the food chain, plants support animals. While this may be true on land, the EU-funded MixITiN project has shown that such a system isn’t applicable to our oceans. The project hopes that its findings will help to improve knowledge and thus broader education efforts on marine ecology, allowing citizens to gain a better understanding of the ocean’s great wonders.

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Better preparation for job-seeking migrants with a new web-based app

Migrants are often misjudged, purely based on their legal status. The EU-funded SIRIUS project delivers a web-based application to equip migrants with information to better prepare themselves to face the labour market. This will benefit all citizens as the successful integration of migrants into labour markets will help address some of Europe’s pressing societal challenges.

Twinning boosts excellence in cancer research

If countries can't train high-quality research staff, they will struggle to deliver innovative cancer treatments. An EU-funded project enabled four academic institutions to exchange staff and share best practices, resulting in various career advancements and successful research grant applications. These will benefit citizens through the researchers' expanding skills to advance cancer treatments.