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Success stories

Too much waste ends up in landfill, removing potentially reusable resources from the economy. To address this, the EU-funded VOLATILE project has developed a process for transforming biological waste which can then be used in a range of industries. This could deliver products with real added value for EU citizens, such as biofuel and bioplastics, as well as soap and Omega-3 oils.

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Planting the seeds of a sustainable organic farming future

Farmers need access to suitable organic seed but there is a lack of high-quality organic seeds in Europe. The EU-funded LIVESEED project addressed this by developing a new organic seed quality strategy, a Europe-wide seed database and sustainable breeding techniques that target specific farming conditions. By strengthening the EU’s organic agriculture, these results will benefit all citizens.

Using twinning to strengthen Croatia’s institutional research capabilities in geoscience

To strengthen its research capabilities, the Croatian Geological Survey turned to twinning. Through the EU-funded GeoTwinn project it was paired with two other world-leading research institutions and received personalised training in geoscience research. They now have the internal capacity and skills to investigate geological hazards that will benefit not only Croatians but all EU citizens.