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My Organisations H2020 online manual

To access and manage your organisation data online, you must have registered the data initially or been nominated as a Legal Entity Appointed Representative (LEAR) or an Account Administrator (appointed by the LEAR). As a Financial Statement Authorised Signatory (FSIGN), you can have a view of your organisation data. LEARs and Account Administrators can view all the roles of their organisation, nominate and revoke roles, as well as access the list of projects and proposals.

My Registered Organisations


VO View Organisation MO Modify Organisation OR View Roles OP Organisation Proposals
VP Organisation Projects CO Contact Organisation MR Manage Roles PS Partner Search Profile
Do you want to continue the registration of your organisation to receive a PIC?

If you started the registration of your organisation in the Commission register some time ago, but did not finalise it - your organisation has not received a PIC number yet - you will not be able to see it above in the section My Organisations. Please continue its registration by clicking on the button that leads you to the registration tool. You may check the information that will be necessary for the registration in the user manual.

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