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European Open Science Policy Platform

Third Meeting of the Open Science Policy Platform
20 March 2017

The Open Science Policy Platform met for the third time on 20 March 2017. ( Agenda (PDF icon 250 KB) )

Commissioner Moedas addressed the OSPP and engaged with the OSPP during a round-table discussion on Open Access Publishing, the European Open Science Cloud. He engaged the OSPP members also to put forward ideas on how to better connect with citizens on research and innovation policy.

The OSPP adopted consensual reports on the European Open Science Cloud (PDF icon 128 KB) and on Open Access Publishing (PDF icon 266 KB) . A first discussion on the final report of the Expert Group on Altmetrics took place. The OSPP is scheduled to adopt a report on the subject matter at the following fourth meeting of the OSSP on 13 October 2017.

The OSPP adopted a working schedule (PDF icon 270 KB) which will allow the OSSP to address all 8 Open Science Ambitions of the Commissioner

The minutes of this third meeting (PDF icon 128 KB) has also been adopted.

The Commissioner has reported on the progress of OSPP (PDF icon 238 KB) at the 30 May 2017 Competitiveness Council.


The Open Science Policy Platform met for the second time on 9 December 2016

Commissioner Moedas addressed the OSPP and engaged with the OSPP in a broad discussion on the European Open Science Cloud and Open Access Publishing.

The discussion on the European Open Science Cloud was guided by three introductions:
George Komoutsalis (CancerLinq and previously NIH), Matthew Scott (G√ČANT) and Bob Jones (CERN). They presented three different funding / business models and corresponding governance models.

The minutes of the meeting (PDF icon 323 KB) have adopted at the third meeting of the OSSP in March 2017


Open Science Policy Platform
1st Meeting, 19 September 2016

The Open Science Policy Platform met for the first time on 19 September 2016. The Open Science Policy Platform represents a new way of making policy: co-design and co-develop an Open Science Policy Agenda for Europe.

Commissioner Moedas addressed the meeting and a first exchange among the Members of the Platform and the Commissioner on three ambitions of the Commissioner, e.g. the development of new business models for open access publications, making 'Open Data' FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Re-useable) and fostering Scientific Integrity took place. All stakeholders of the Platform embraced this Part of the Open Science Agenda and promised to get back to the Commissioner by the end of this year with 'actionable' points on those issues.


Members of the OSPP

The Members of the Open Science Policy Platform (OSPP) have been nominated. Commissioner Moedas, during the 27 May Competitiveness Council, will announce the Members of the Platform and he will inform the Member States on the role of the Policy Platform in further developing a European Open Science Policy Agenda.

List of Nominated Members of the Open Science Policy Platform (PDF icon 210 KB)


About the OSPP

The Directorate-General for Research and Innovation will establish a Commission Expert Group to provide advice about the development and implementation of open science policy in Europe.

A call for expressions of interest with a view to selecting members of the High-Level Advisory Group 'Open Science Policy Platform' (OSPP) was published on 22 February 2016. The members of the Open Science Policy Platform will be announced at the Competitiveness Council on 26 and 27 May 2016. The group will consist of 20-30 high-level representatives of the broad constituency of European (open) science stakeholders.

The mandate of the Open Science Policy Platform is to:

  1. advise the Commission on how to further develop and practically implement open science policy, in line with the priority of Commissioner Moedas to radically improve the quality and impact of European science
  2. function as a dynamic, stakeholder-driven mechanism for bringing up and addressing issues of concern for the European science and research community and its representative organisations, following five broad lines for actions which are presented in the draft European Open Science Agenda (PDF icon 124 KB)
  3. support policy formulation by helping to identify the issues to be addressed and providing recommendations on the policy actions required
  4. support policy implementation, contributing to reviewing best practices, drawing policy guidelines and encouraging their active uptake by stakeholders
  5. provide advice and recommendations on any cross-cutting issue affecting Open Science

The closing date for submission of applications was 22 March 2016. For any questions about the application please consult the FAQs or the Call for expression of interest (PDF icon 110 KB) .

If you have any further questions please consult the FAQs or send an email to: