International Cooperation

The international cooperation research programme commenced in 1983 when the European Commission launched a dedicated programme called the Science and Technology for Development Programme. It had three editions named STD1, 2 and 3, which ran in parallel with The Community's Research Framework Programmes.

In 1992, the Programme was integrated into the Fourth Research Framework Programme (1994-1998) as the International Cooperation Programme (INCO) and has, ever since, been an integral part of all Framework Programmes.

The Seventh Framework Programme (2007-2013) placed a new emphasis on international research cooperation, including by mainstreaming international cooperation across the entire spectrum of FP7 activities. The Seventh Framework Programme also included strategic activities underpinning the building of a European Research Area open to the world that require a policy dialogue with major regions of the world and true partnership with those countries with which an S&T Cooperation agreement has been signed.

In Horizon 2020 (H2020), International Cooperation is a cross-cutting priority and not a separate activity; in addition, part of Societal Challenge 6 focuses on specific international cooperation policy support activities. Horizon 2020 is fully open to the world, allowing researchers from all over the globe to take part in projects. Furthermore, many calls particularly encourage the participation of organisations from specific partner countries that are not EU Member States or associated to the framework programme.

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