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Widening participation in H2020

3D tumour modelling steps up battle against cancer

An EU-funded project is developing innovative ways to mimic the micro-environment that cancer cells encounter inside the human body. The creation of artificial 3D tumour models could pave the way for more accurate testing of cancer drugs and ultimately lead to better treatments.

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History springs back to life via virtual reality

The application of virtual reality to cultural heritage is contributing to the way both knowledge and objects are preserved and handed down to future generations of Europeans. Now an EU-funded project is helping increase knowledge and share virtual reality expertise among researchers in Romania, Slovenia and Italy.

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Advanced 3D models improve breast cancer detection

An EU-funded project is developing advanced three-dimensional computational and physical models of breast tumours, providing the medical community with powerful new instruments to tackle breast cancer. The initiative will reveal the possibilities for improved diagnostic techniques for detecting a disease that affects one in eight women in Europe at some point in their lives.

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