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Every summer, thousands of tourists travel to Greece’s idyllic islands to enjoy their sunny beaches. Even the global pandemic couldn’t keep visitors away, but water scarcity might. Many Greek islands survive on water imports and are struggling to meet residents’ and agriculture’s water needs – let alone those of tourists. This article first appeared in Horizon Magazine in March 2021.
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A dozen coastal wind turbines at dusk
In less than 30 years Europe must transform society and industry from an energy supply largely based on hydrocarbons, which contribute to climate change, towards a clean energy system based on renewables and low-emissions energy generation.

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False assertions about Covid-19 vaccines during the pandemic have highlighted the importance of journalists, researchers and the general public being able to spot and filter out fake news (© Gorodenkoff, Shutterstock).
Lack of trust in health authorities, combined with the fear and uncertainty about the disease, created fertile ground for false rumours to spread about Covid-19 vaccines. Countering the rumours may be about attitude as well as facts.
Jean Eric Paquet portrait
Jean-Eric Paquet has been at the helm of the Horizon programme and DG Research and Innovation for the past four years. He will shortly leave to take up the role of the EU’s ambassador to Japan in September 2022. In his final interview with Horizon Magazine as Director General, Paquet reflects on European research and innovation globally and considers the future of collaboration in science research with Japan.

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Beneficial microbes might spread through a population in the same way as infectious diseases. 

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What are the hidden health costs of vaping?
This week the Naked Scientists set out to understand the vaping boom. They look into how it impacts people's smoking habits and overall health. 
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