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Life patterns help humans and other animals stay in sync with nature and in good form.
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Researchers on a mission
Researchers on a mission
The EU is on a mission with researchers to protect our planet and society. By helping researchers discover new ways to improve people’s lives, and to protect us from climate change and global health shocks, the EU is building a better future for all of us.

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While many of us have put the Covid-19 pandemic behind us, researchers warn that the situation is still very dynamic. © blvdone,
Regular life may have resumed for most people, but the pandemic rumbles on as researchers keep a watch on new variants and increase efforts to better identify patients at risk.
Aerial view of the European Spallation Source, February 2022. Credit: ESS
Scientists are unleashing the power of neutrons to improve understanding of everyday materials and tackle fundamental questions in physics.

From Freshwater Blog

Fishers on the Orinoco River, Colombia. Freshwaters across the world support human lives in diverse and important ways.
In a major new journal article, a group of international scientists highlight the vital roles that freshwater biodiversity plays in supporting human lives: from food and materials, culture and recreation, to climate regulation and water purification. They flag the importance mainstreaming freshwater biodiversity conservation across all areas of everyday life.

From the Naked Scientists

There is emerging evidence that psychedelic drugs, like XTC, LSD and psylocibin, can help some people with depression. With mental health in crisis and current treatments failing up to 40-50% of patients, the Naked Scientists look at the science behind these potential new treatments and how they are already helping.
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