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Natural materials including farm waste can make autos and other industries more sustainable, less toxic
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A dozen coastal wind turbines at dusk
In less than 30 years Europe must transform society and industry from an energy supply largely based on hydrocarbons, which contribute to climate change, towards a clean energy system based on renewables and low-emissions energy generation.

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One way to prevent crime is to make public spaces – right down to park benches – harder for pickpockets to target. Image credit: CC0 via Unsplash
Reducing everyday offences may depend on harnessing the power of virtual reality, conscious design and community spirit.
Ukrainian scientists are working on net-zero transport systems that could be instrumental in rebuilding Ukraine’s own infrastructure. Image credit: CC0 via Unsplash
With its eye on the eventual reconstruction of Ukraine, Europe is helping academics from the country get their lives back on track.

From Freshwater Blog

Fishers on the Orinoco River, Colombia. Freshwaters across the world support human lives in diverse and important ways.
In a major new journal article, a group of international scientists highlight the vital roles that freshwater biodiversity plays in supporting human lives: from food and materials, culture and recreation, to climate regulation and water purification. They flag the importance mainstreaming freshwater biodiversity conservation across all areas of everyday life.

From the Naked Scientists

A breaking wave on the ocean
The high seas treaty recently signed by 193 UN states hopes to turn the tide on the oceans' biodiversity crisis by conserving 30% of the open ocean by 2030. But will it work? What about organisms that migrate outside of marine protected areas? The Naked Scientists ask the difficult questions.
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