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Cow, goat and poultry farms are getting help from EU research to cut their environmental footprint and ensure high-quality foods.
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Researchers on a mission
Researchers on a mission
The EU is on a mission with researchers to protect our planet and society. By helping researchers discover new ways to improve people’s lives, and to protect us from climate change and global health shocks, the EU is building a better future for all of us.

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Virtual-reality technology could help cure people of phobias including about spiders. © Leena Robinson,
Touch sensations are improving to help sectors like healthcare and manufacturing, while other advances are being driven by the gaming industry.
People with locked-in syndrome can communicate only with their eyes. Image credit: CC0 via Unsplash
EU-backed scientists are making progress in efforts to give people with impaired motor functions more independence.

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Image: Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung
A new study suggests that the growing impacts of complex stressors such as climate change limits the effect of existing measures to drive water quality improvements.

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Coloured wires
This week the Naked Scientists tackle some of their listeners most intriguing questions, such as why do wires always end up in knots? Why does my nose itch when I brush my teeth? Or do people with bigger eyes have better peripheral vision?
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