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Is my region covered?

Cohesion policy covers every region in the EU. However, most of the funds are targeted where they are most needed: at regions with a GDP per capita under 75% of the EU average.

How are regions defined? Cohesion policy uses the EU's NUTS system, which divides each country into three levels of statistical units (NUTS regions), according to population size.

General population criteria for the NUTS levels:

Level Minimum Maximum
NUTS level 1 3 million 7 million.
NUTS level 2 800 000 150 000
NUTS level 3 3 million 800 000

Cohesion Policy eligibility 2021-2027

Full text of the regulation on Eur-Lex - List of eligible areas

Eligibility 2021-2027

Map : Investment for jobs and growth goal (ERDF and ESF) eligibility, 2021-2027
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Cohesion policy 2014 eligible regions