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What is it?

Europe in my region is a co-created communication initiative that aims to feature EU action for the Regions throughout Europe. Together with partner Regions and EU-funded projects, we create tools and opportunities to engage with citizens and show what is made possible near them thanks to co-funding efforts between EU and their Regions.

Europe in my region is also about partnering up with a number of Regions to run regional campaigns with an ultra-local flavour and a smile, proposing cheerful experiences and activities around popular places that are part of regional identity. From 2021 to 2023, up to 40 such operations will be deployed in 8 focus countries: Bulgaria, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Romania.

Under Europe in my region, special attention is given to schools. With EU in my school activities, we co-create memorable experiences for school pupils, whereby we make EU action for the regions tangible and playful.

Discover thousands of places and initiatives near you, across Europe!

*For partner regions and project holders

How it works

A Toolkit providing easy-to-use templates and adaptable formats is made available to our regional partners, to be used as part of their communication activities.

Special actions and activities aimed at broad audiences, including schools, are also implemented in co-ownership with partner Regions and projects. They include:

In focus countries*, we are deploying a series of regional campaigns, with ad-hoc concepts for each partner region. The mix includes outdoor displays, visuals to be advertised on social media, street marketing operations and partnerships with local media and influencers

*Bulgaria, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Romania.