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Cross-border cooperation: Integration of Roma into the labour market

This video shows one of the many facets of the ROMA project, which has received support from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The ROMA project aims at the gradual integration of the large Roma community, traditionally discriminated against, living in the Romania-Hungary border region, by offering them the opportunity to find work. Dio Zoltan, one of the project’s key members, conducted a study to establish the professional profile of unemployed Roma. The profiles of those qualified for a job were then sent to employment agencies. Sharing experiences and good practices has produced positive results for Roma employment in the two countries. One of the programme’s beneficiaries, Daroczi Zoltanne, managed to find a job at the social centre in her village as a result of this process, in doing so ensuring a better life for her and her children.

Date: 01 oct 2011

Theme: Cooperation between regions and countries, Employment and social inclusion

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Duration: 02 :09

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