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Interreg V-A - Italy-Switzerland

Programme description

Main objectives

Strategically, the programme will promote the competitiveness of SMEs, the protection and promotion of natural and cultural heritage, the development and promotion of environmentally sustainable means of transportation. At the same time, the programme will invest in social and health infrastructure in order to promote social inclusion and reduce the differences in health conditions among different sectors of the population. It will also enhance the institutional and administrative cooperation, aiming at improvements in the relationship between citizens and institutions.

Funding priorities

The programme will focus on the following five priorities:

  • Enterprises competitiveness. The programme aims at improving the cross-border cooperation between enterprises in order to modernise the economic system of the area and enhance its competitiveness;
  • Promotion of the natural and cultural heritage. The programme will promote an integrated use and development of natural and cultural resources, identifying a sustainable way to exploit the vast richness of the alpine landscape;
  • Integrated and sustainable mobility. The programme aims at identifying new and more efficient transport solutions and multi-modal networks to improve the quality of the cross-border mobility;
  • Services for the integration of communities. Improved quality of healthcare, education and social services as well as enhanced accessibility to these by disadvantaged and elderly people will improve social integration of all communities in the area;
  • Strengthening cross-border governance. 
  • Some of the expected results

    • Nearly 200 enterprises to receive financial support from the cooperation programme;
    • An increase of 300.000 visitors in the natural and cultural heritage sites in the area covered with the programme;
    • 50 institutions involved in joint water management initiatives;
    • 50 institutions involved in the strategic planning of transport;
    • 20 additional joint solutions to improve the quality and accessibility of services in the social, education and health sector;
    • 400 additional staff in the public sector involved in initiatives targeting an enhancement of the administrative capacity at cross-border level.


    Regional Development Fund (ERDF): 100.221.466,00 €

    Thematic priorities

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    Financial information

    Total OP budget: 118.281.056,00 €

    Total EU contribution: 100.221.466,00 €

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