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ROP Lombardia ERDF

Programme description

Main objectives

The main purpose of the programme is to boost innovation in the areas of competitive advantage of the region in line with the regional specialization strategy (RIS3), to improve the competitiveness of the regional economy by supporting the capacity of SMEs, support energy efficiency in public buildings and promote sustainable urban mobility.

Funding priorities

The programme contains 6 priority axes aiming at:

  • Enhance and promote research, technological development and innovation (€349.2 million - 36% of total resources)
  • Promote competitiveness of SME's and improve access to credit (€294.6 million - 30%)
  • Support energy efficiency, smart energy management and promote sustainable urban mobility (€194.6 million - 20%)
  • Extend broadband deployment and the roll-out of high-speed networks (€20 million - 2%);
  • Sustain through integrated actions the physical, economic and social regeneration of two identified urban areas (€60 million - 6%);
  • Promote the attractiveness of cultural and natural heritage in the "internal areas" of the region (€19 million -2%).

Expected Impacts

  • Investment in over 1,600 enterprises to promote business investment in R&D; Number of firms cooperating with R&D institutions: 256;
  • Facilitate the establishment of new innovative SMEs, over 5,600 enterprises supported, 600 enterprises supported to introduce new products;
  • 10,500 additional enterprises covered by high speed broadband network;
  • Primary energy consumption in public buildings decreased by 90 M Kwh/a and CO2 decreased by 21,000 t/y;
  • 500 charging point locations for electric vehicles;120 km of new cycle paths; 1,200 new/ renewed bike stations; 2 new trains to sustain multimodal urban mobility;

38,000 square meters and 580 rehabilitated housing in urban areas.


Regional Development Fund (ERDF): 485.237.258,00 €

Thematic priorities

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Financial information

Total OP budget: 970.474.516,00 €

Total EU contribution: 485.237.258,00 €

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