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Interreg V-A - Spain-France-Andorra (POCTEFA)

Programme description

Main objectives

The cooperation programme Spain – France-Andorra (POCTEFA) addresses the most important cross-border challenges linked to the implementation of the Europe 2020 strategy in the Pyrenees border region.

Strategically, within the axis "Smart Growth", the programme contributes to a strengthened cross-border regional innovation capacity as well as to an increased cooperation of small and medium-sized enterprises with the research and development sector across borders.

At the same time, within the two axes linked to climate change and protecting the environment, the programme foresees actions aiming at promoting climate change adaptation (axis 2), risk prevention and management, reducing the environmental impact of economic development and promoting resource efficiency (axis 3).

Within the axis "Sustainable Growth" (axis 4), the programme foresees actions aiming at promoting sustainable cross-border transport.

Finally, within the axis "Social inclusion and labour mobility" (axis 5) the programme plans actions targeting the development and improvement of cross-border social public services.

Funding priorities

  • Broadening and improving cross-border capacities in research, development and innovation and enhancing the competitiveness of SMEs (EU-funding: €50 million).
  • Promoting climate change adaptation (EU-funding: 28.5 million).
  • Conserving and protecting the environment and promoting resource efficiency (EU-funding: € 48 million).
  • Promoting sustainable transport (EU-funding: €25 million).
  • Promoting sustainable employment, labour mobility and social inclusion (EU-funding: €26.5 million).
  • Expected impacts

    • more than 46 research centres will work in improved research infrastructure facilities and common projects.
    • 500 enterprises will conduct cross- border activities.
    • 5,400,000 citizens are concerned by future concrete projects on the ground.
    • 67 projects promoting natural and cultural heritage will be supported.
    • 82 projects promoting new cross-border cycle paths and sustainable mobility will be supported.
    • 690,000 citizens are concerned by future concrete projects on the ground.


    Regional Development Fund (ERDF): 189.341.397,00 €

    Thematic priorities

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    Financial information

    Total OP budget: 288.964.102,00 €

    Total EU contribution: 189.341.397,00 €

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