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Operational programme “Environment”

Programme description

Main objectives

OPE 2014-2020 will support the preservation and the protection of environment, climate change adaptation, and risk prevention and management in the Republic of Bulgaria.

Funding priorities

The Programme is focused on six priority axes:

  • Water
  • Waste
  • Natura 2000 and biodiversity
  • Flood protection & landslide prevention
  • Air quality
  • Technical assistance
  • Expected results/impacts

    • Additional 1.5 million people served by improved wastewater treatment
    • Additional 200 thousand people served by improved water supply
    • 285 thousand tonnes less waste going to landfills
    • 1.3 million people benefitting from clearer air
    • 4.4 million hectares of species and habitats in NATURA 2000 with improved conservation status
    • 2.8 million people benefiting from flood protection and reduced risk of landslides


    Cohesion Fund (CF): 1.124.754.082,00 €

    Regional Development Fund (ERDF): 349.712.078,00 €

    Thematic priorities

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    Financial information

    Total OP budget: 1.734.666.074,00 €

    Total EU contribution: 1.474.466.160,00 €

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