A modern port complex in the making

Connections between Italy and Greece are now easier thanks to the recent developments made to the port of Corfu. These developments accommodate for the upward trend in traffic, including passenger and vehicle-carrying ferries and cruising boats.

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The Port of Corfu project The Port of Corfu project

“The completion of works in the Port of Corfu has brought state-of-the-art facilities to the maritime transportation sector. It heralds a new beginning for economic growth. We are thankful to the EU officials who gave valuable assistance during the implementation of the project.”
Representative of the Ionian Islands region

The expansion of the port is expected to cover the island’s maritime transport needs until 2025, to upgrade the current level of passenger services and to attract more tourists to the port of Corfu, thereby helping to boost the economy.

New berths for greater traffic

The new developments mean that the port can now handle the rising numbers of cruising boats – from 308 boats and 264 871 passengers in 2003 to 409 boats and 437 858 passengers in 2008.

Port of Corfu passengers and commercial traffic are mainly served by marine connections with Igoumenitsa and Patra port and with the Italian ports of Bari, Brindisi and Venice, as well as with the port of Albania, with a total traffic volume of 1 818 607 passengers and 516 849 vehicles in 2008.

The port was extended with nine new berths for ferry boats. These berths protect the harbor from wave erosion from the south-west. The berths were also fitted in such as way as to ensure the highest safety standards were applied and to ensure passengers can travel rapidly to their destination.

The new berths have solved the space problem at the port, and as a result vessels are able to moor on the west quay for more than just one day.

Drawing in the visitors

The project has extended the capacity of the port which is now expected to cover transport needs until 2025. The extension of the port has also covered the requirements of vehicle-carrying boats for domestic travel to the ports of Igoumenitsa and Patra.

The benefits of the project include: easier travel for boats in the country as well as abroad; an upgrade in the level of services provided to tourists; an increase in the attractiveness of the port of Corfu as a tourist destination; a rise in employment during the construction period of the project and the creation of permanent workplaces after project completion.

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