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3 subsequent stations of Warsaw’s Metro Line 2 up and running!

  • 28 September 2022
3 subsequent stations of Warsaw’s Metro Line 2 up and running!

On 28 September 2022 three new Warsaw metro stations have been inaugurated. Today’s newly opened stations: Zacisze, Kondratowicza and Bródno are a part of EU co-financed project which foresaw construction of new metro stations and the purchase of 17 new trains. In 2019-2022 eight stations were inaugurated. For this extension, the European Union is investing more than EUR 432 million – out of a total cost of nearly EUR 749 million.

With a population of about 1.86 million, Warsaw is one of the most congested cities in Europe. Its metro currently consists of two lines: line 1 linking central Warsaw with its densely populated northern and southern suburbs, and the central segment of the east-west line 2. The latter received EU financial support of almost EUR 2 billion from EU funds (EUR 1,905,732,538) granted under several projects realized in the 2007-2013 and 2014-2020 financial perspectives. At present, line 2 includes 15 stations – from Bemowo to Trocka. Currently ongoing development of line 2 aims at improving connections between the eastern and western sides of the city and better integrating Warsaw’s various urban transport systems. As a result, residents will have easier access to fast, modern and clean transport and the project will achieve its primary objective of increasing the share of public transport use for journeys within the city. 

‘Warsaw Metro is not just an urban project. It is a symbolic project in many respects. Initial plans of the Warsaw metro began at the beginning of the 20th century and design work accelerated after Poland regained independence. Work on the Warsaw underground railway continued and finally, the opening of the first metro section took place in 1995, after the start of the political transformation in Poland. At that time it was a symbol of changes, freedom and new perspectives. Today's opening of metro line 2 section adds a new chapter to this story, written together with the people of united Europe. Once again it becomes a symbol - this time a symbol of solidarity of the European Union.’ Said Angela Martinez Sarasola, Head of Polish Unit, Directorate General for Regional and Urban Policy, European Commission.

The number of daily journeys on the Warsaw metro is almost 700 thousand and yearly about 181 mln. If referred to the number of 245 million of all rail passengers in Poland, it shows the scale of the impact of this mode of transport in only one metropolitan area. It also shows how much this investment is needed.

Currently Warsaw Metro has 36 stations and is 38,3 kilometers in length.