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The European Urban Initiative (EUI) is currently being developed under Cohesion policy for the 2021-2027 period to offer coherent support to cities.

The overall objectives of this initiative are to strengthen integrated and participatory approaches to sustainable urban development and to provide a stronger link to EU policies, and in particular to Cohesion policy and investments in urban areas as part of the funding earmarked for these areas under Article 11 of the ERDF/CF Regulation and beyond. 

The Region Hauts-de-France was selected to become the new Entrusted Entity for this initiative and is currently working with the European Commission on the roll out of the EUI.

Part of this joint work to achieve the above objectives is to develop a new website, that will provide all information about the EUI, as well as a knowledge platform, aiming at offering a more coherent knowledge-based support for urban stakeholders at all levels and ensuring access to horizontal and thematic urban knowledge as well as know-how by cities of all sizes.

In the context of the design of these future digital tools, the Secretariat is collecting information to better understand the needs and the digital uses of the stakeholders who will use these platforms.

We invite you to contribute via the specific survey that has been put in place, until 15 October 2022. For any questions or remarks, please contact:



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