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Public consultation EUSAIR Action Plan revision : have your say !

  • 23 May 2022
Public consultation EUSAIR Action Plan revision : have your say !

You want to be involved in the Action plan revision of the EUSAIR strategy? Then, share your ideas for new strategic actions! It’s a valuable input to the revision!

The EU Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region is one of the four EU macro-regional strategies, adopted by the European Commission in 2014.

The Strategy is founded on four thematic priorities/pillars representing key challenges as well as key opportunities in the region: blue growth, sustainable tourism, environmental quality and connecting the region. 

One of the outcomes of the Strategy approach is the Action plan. It aims to move from "words to actions" by establishing macro-regional priorities.

The Action Plan is conceived to be rolling. With new Multiannual Financial Framework, EU policies update, new members joining the EUSAIR (namely North Macedonia and San Marino), the ongoing enlargement process and the need to address current challenges, the Action Plan definitely needed an update! This is why, the revision process was initiated in spring 2022. 

The Action Plan revision is an extensive consultation process. A wide range of stakeholders, from public authorities, private sector, academia and civil society are involved in the process. In this context, stakeholders at all levels are allowed to comment on and endorse future pillars, as well as to identify actions/projects within each pillar that look to be promising in responding to common challenges and opportunities. 

You have until the 30th of June to reply to the questionnaire


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