Call for Interest: Just Transition Platform working groups - Deadline extended until 15 October

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Under this Call, DG REGIO seeks expressions of interest from various stakeholders from the EU territories most affected by the transition to a sustainable and climate-neutral economy, willing to be member of one of the Just Transition Platform (JTP) working groups.

What is JTP?

The JTP has been set up by the European Commission in 2020 to assist EU Member States and regions to unlock the support available through the Just Transition Mechanism (JTM). It provides comprehensive technical and advisory support for stakeholders from the territories that are heavily dependent on fossil fuels and carbon-intensive industries and face specific social, economic, and environmental challenges related to the transition process.

Objectives of the JTP working groups

Three of the JTP working groups have a thematic focus on a carbon-intensive sector (steel, cement, chemicals) with the objective of exchanging and developing practical solutions to ensure that the decarbonisation of the respective industry happens in a fair way, leaving no one behind. The fourth working group on horizontal stakeholder strategy will be of cross-cutting nature and will focus on the identification and assessment of approaches and good practices to engage all stakeholder groups.

The aim of each working group is to act as a forum for exchanging and tackling various challenges that are common to stakeholders involved in the transition process. They will develop the strategic approach of engaging and involving different stakeholder groups at the level of the implementation of the Just Transition Fund. The common objectives are problem-solving, advocacy and stakeholder inclusion to achieve the wider goals of the JTP, which will be implemented though a multi-level and multi-stakeholder governance approach with a view of developing a common just transition vision. However, these working groups will not have the status of Commission expert groups.

Who can apply under this call?

Members of the Working Groups shall be Member States' authorities, organisations at Union level, including those representing regional authorities and cities, and other public entities (social partners, civil society, NGOs, industrial and economic actors and academia). Member States' authorities and other public entities shall nominate their representatives and shall be responsible for ensuring that their representatives provide a high level of expertise in the field of just transition in the specific sector (cement, steel, chemicals or horizontal stakeholder strategy).

An expression of interest can be submitted by Member States' authorities and other public entities under the conditions defined in the Call.

Deadline for submission of expression of interest:
15 October 2021

How to apply?

The expression of interest and any question related to the Call should be submitted electronically to the following email address:


Call for expression of interest PDF

Application form PDF

Privacy statement PDF

Terms of reference per working group:


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