Wood tested as viable substitute for multi-storey buildings in Italy and Austria

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Wood is rising to the challenge and competing with steel and concrete for use in multi-level buildings, thanks to the Interreg Bigwood project, a collaboration between Italy and Austria.

The project partners are working to overcome resistance against the use of this organic material in high-volume construction with experimentation and training, by disseminating best practices, setting standards and developing design tools.

The project partners include training and education institutions for the building sector in both countries, and companies that specialise in sustainable building and renovation.

Wooden models are being built at the NOI Techpark in Bolzano to raise awareness about the possibilities wood offers. Two small and medium-sized models will be used for training, while a full-scale four-storey structure will allow companies in the region to conduct tests. These will remain on display for at least five years.

The ERDF is providing funding of EUR 666 766, out of the total project budget of EUR 883 831.

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Source article on www.casaeclima.com on 17/06/2020

Project: https://keep.eu/projects/22471/

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