Croatia: making sure education continues during the lockdown

Additional tools


In addition to preventing the coronavirus from spreading, the negative consequences of lockdown and social distancing measures in EU Member States should also be prevented or at least mitigated as much as possible. Past EU investments in increasing the use of online tools in primary and secondary education in Croatia is revealing particularly useful in times of coronavirus.

By providing equipment and educational tools for schools and teachers, the Croatian e-schools project contributes to enhance teachers' professional development, improve the quality of education and increase students' employability. The project has allowed to the Croatian educational system to switch flawlessly to remote learning following the lockdown, allowing teachers and students to continue the educational process.

Ms Ivana Mažar Marušić from the Elementary School “Dragutin Tadijanović” in Vukovar commented: “Laptops and tablets obtained through the e-Schools pilot project have proven to be crucial for high-quality distance learning and teaching. […] We have reached a new level of education and changed the concept of teaching forever.”

photo: © Juraj Bilić


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