The EU invests in a faster, more efficient rail network in Latvia

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The Cohesion Fund is investing €318.5 million in Latvia in order to electrify 308 km of the country's main east-west railway network and replace diesel-powered locomotives. This will make rail transport faster in the country, align Latvia’s infrastructure with the requirements of EU and national regulations for the development of core railway network and improve air quality in the long-term.

Works include the electrification of the Riga–Krustpils, Krustpils-Daugavpils and Krustpils-Rēzekne lines. The total length of Latvia’s rail network is about 1,860 km, of which only about 14% is electrified. This is substantially lower than the EU average of 55%. Electric traction is currently only used for passenger transport, and diesel power for goods transport.

This EU-funded project will greatly reduce the costs of freight transport, by cutting by three the costs of maintenance and allowing speed up to 160 km/h on parts of the network.  


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