Injecting new investment into Cova da Beira Hospital, Portugal

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The ERDF is funding over 75 % of a EUR 1 million investment to modernise the public Hospital Centre of Cova da Beira (HCCB) in eastern Portugal.

This project has been awarded EUR 765 000 from the ERDF to modernise the Hospital Centre of Cova da Beira (HCCB) in Portugal. The project aims to improve the conditions in the hospital and bring its surgical facilities up to date in a bid to reduce the disparities in healthcare provision across the country.

By equipping HCCB with the most recent software and medical devices, the project team hopes to improve both the quality and number of surgical procedures carried out in Cova da Beira, enabling the hospital to better meet international standards of healthcare.

The modernisation work on the hospital should be finished by the end of 2018.

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Source article on 28/02/18 

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