Project of the Week: One-stop online business registration system to make Poland's entrepreneurs' life easier

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The "Central Registration and Information on Economic Activity" (CEIDG) system has been launched by the Ministry of Economy of Poland in July 2011. It is an online one-stop-shop for Polish entrepreneurs for registration, updating and finding information about other businesses.


The project "CEIDG", which benefited from an EU financing of EUR 5,8 million for the period 2007-2013, aims at building a centralised database of business activities in Poland and registering online business activities. While reducing the time needed for business registration, the new service also permits electronic exchange of relevant data between all the institutions involved in the process of registration.


How does it work?


Using a trusted electronic profile or an electronic signature, a citizen can go online to complete the formalities needed for business registration in Poland. After creating an account on the official website, the entrepreneur then only has to follow the step-by-step wizard to fill in the required information and register his new business. If desired the entrepreneur can just prepare his application on the website and visit a municipal office to sign in person.

Clicking the button to submit the CEIDG form triggers registration with the national tax office, the central statistical office and the social insurance department. This means

that the entrepreneur is automatically applying for both the taxation and statistical registration numbers. The new business registration is published within 48 hours on the national website but business can be started immediately after application confirmation.

Once registered in CEIDG, the entrepreneurs can go online to change their registry entries, temporarily suspend activity and even close the business, without having to visit any government offices.


What are the results?


The system is now running at a rate of more than 20 000 transactions a day. By now, entrepreneurs have made 3 million entries into the CEIDG.


CEIDG is an element of the Polish Single Point of Contact Network.The project has been extended to cover with services all other procedures connected with business activity in Poland.


Mr Sebastian Christow from the Electronic Economy Department in the Polish Ministry of Economy responsible for the implementation of the project states:

"The CEIDG system is a very unique solution coordinating all authorities involved in the business registration process in Poland. This portal facilitates business creation for both entrepreneurs from Poland and abroad. It doesn’t only offer information and services for business establishment, it also offers the possibility to look for other firms and enables cooperation between companies. Given that this project has been financed to 85% by the EU, EU funding was a great help to put this service in place".


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