Panorama 63 - The Outermost Regions: joining forces across the EU

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Date : 15/12/2017

In this winter issue of Panorama we visit the EU's Outermost Regions, reporting on the recent Conference of Presidents attended by President Juncker and Commissioner Creţu. We analyse the renewed strategy for these regions, which aims to help them make the most of their unique position within the EU and the wider world, and feature projects and testimonials. We also dive into the recently published Strategic Report on ESI Funds implementation, and find strong evidence of the scale and impact of these investments on the lives of citizens across the continent. 

Our regional profile this time takes a look at Generalitat Valenciana in Spain, with project profiles and an interview with President Ximo Puig. We also feature young people and their various efforts to engage with the EU and regional policy, through our Europe In My Region blogging competition, young journalists training scheme and the Interreg Volunteer Youth programme. 

There is also news from the recent Cities Forum in Rotterdam concerning the EU's Urban Agenda, and a contribution from the upcoming Bulgarian presidency outlining their vision and priorities. ‘In Your Own Words’ includes contributions from France, Italy and Spain, the Projects section visits Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany and Latvia, and the picture spread points the camera at project at Malta.