Panorama 60: Bulgaria and Romania celebrate 10 years in the EU

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Date : 31/03/2017

Our first issue of 2017 heralds a double celebration – it is 10 years since Bulgaria and Romania joined the EU and a lot has changed during that time. Panorama takes a closer look at how being part of the Union has benefited the countries and their citizens. Our in-depth feature focuses on Western Greece where Cohesion Policy is supporting this region, which has huge potential, by rolling out a strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

A recent report reveals that countries must work together to tackle global challenges that know no borders. Four macro-regional strategies are making an impact on the ground by helping both EU and non-EU countries to combine efforts on cross-cutting issues.

Our interview with Dr Ian Borg, Malta’s Parliamentary Secretary for the EU Presidency 2017 and EU Funds, looks at how the country is managing the Presidency and benefiting from Cohesion Policy support.

There is also an article on the new streamlined appraisal for major projects plus details of how Poland is making the most of the investment opportunities provided by EU funding.

‘In Your Own Words’ includes contributions from Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and South Aegean and the picture spread points the camera at project across Belgium’s three regions.