Lubelskie: closure of operational program 2007-2013

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Available languages : English Polish
Period : 2007-2013
Date : 08/10/2018

EU contribution: 1,2 billion EUR

  • 525 companies received support for innovations, e.g. purchase and implementation of innovative technologies in the correction of presbyopia;
  • 604 km of new and reconstructed roads, e.g Expansion of the road No. 835;
  • 88 items of public transport purchased, e.g. Modernization of traction and replacement of trolleybus rolling stock in Lublin;
  • 6 million passengers served thanks to the expansion of the Regional Airport;
  • 7,000 people protected against flooding, e.g. Construction of a small retention reservoir on the Jacynka river;
  • 90 supported educational facilities, e.g. Improvement of access to the didactic database at the Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences of the Medical University of Lublin;
  • 38 hospitals that bought medical equipment / 19 modernized hospitals, e.g. Support for the Specialist Hospital in Biała Podlaska;
  • 230 new types of services / products / tourist attractions, e.g. Construction of the Recreation Park "Zoom Natury" in Janów Lubelski;
  • 17 co-financed cultural facilities, e.g. Construction of the Meeting of Cultures Center in Lublin;
  • 6 thousand jobs created, e.g. Infrastructure for the economic zone at Felin in Lublin;
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