The Outermost Regions: European lands In the world - French Guiana

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Date : 24/10/2017

French Guiana is situated in the South American continent, 7000 km away from Paris and has 248 000 inhabitants.

Sheltering a large tropical forest, French Guiana has strong natural assets: untapped land reserves, minerals, fisheries and a unique biodiversity.

The region also hosts the French Guiana and European Space Centre. This is Europe’s main spaceport, and is therefore of primary, strategic importance for independent access to space.

Unemployment and early school leaving are among the most important challenges. The region has an exceptional demographic growth: its population is due to double by 2040.

The lack of basic infrastructures such as water and waste management systems, education and health facilities, transport, generates sanitary and social risks. Long borders with Brazil and Suriname are difficult to control and create many challenges related to illegal immigration, crime and illegal gold mining.

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