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Programme: Europe for Citizens
Identifier: 615092-CITIZ-1-2019-2-HR-CITIZ-TT
Title: EUalive
The overall project aim is to develop closer ties between citizens & local governments from EU member states, to foster European citizenship & to improve conditions for civic and democratic participation at Union level. In line with that, the specific aims are: 1) Develop structured cooperation between local governments in Goričan & Šentilj on themes of joint interest, focused on Euroscepticism and youth migration in the cross-border area; 2) Improve citizens' awareness (esp. youth) about how EU policies and values support regional economic development and create new employment & business opportunities.In recent years, in the cross-border area of two neighboring municipalities Goričan and Šentilj, a trend of youth migration was becoming more prominent. This consequently made the local governments actively approach in raising their competitiveness, attracting new investors, developers, tourists etc. Mutual goals also led them to cooperate in a EU funded project „Cultural heritage as the foundation of sustainable tourism development“. Both municipalities strive to improve their capacity & implement activities that support the local population. However, they face various challenges since citizens are not sufficiently aware of how European values/integration contribute to that goal. Project partners aim to continue their partnership with this project through town twinning events that will teach their citizens how the EU gives great opportunities to enhance the quality of life & support economic development. The project is organized as two 2-day events in Croatia & Slovenia for citizens, local authorities & CSOs – each event will have 71 participants. Via conferences, workshops, panels, presentations, communication tools & cooperation meetings, the participants will exchange know-how and best practices regarding civil society development & European integration, while also work together to develop a network of towns that will be formalized via a cooperation agreement.
Start Date: 06-03-2020
End Date: 20-11-2020
Duration in months: 9
Total Budget: 12095
Year (Call): 2019
Activity: Strand2: Democratic engagement and civic participation
Sub-Activity: Town twinning
Organisation: OPCINA GORICAN
Postal Code: 40324
Region: Međimurska županija
Organisation type: Local Public body
PIC: 926005651
Postal Code: 2212
Region: Podravska
PIC: 911502987

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