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20 June 2022

Special Eurobarometer: integration of immigrants in the European Union

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On the occasion of World Refugee day 2022, the European Commission published the results of a Special Eurobarometer survey. The survey was conducted between 2 November and 3 December 2021 and examined public opinion on the integration of immigrants in the European Union. 26 510 EU citizens were surveyed across all EU Member States. 

Key findings

  • 68% respondents overestimate the real share of immigrants in the population.
  • Fewer than four in ten Europeans (38%) think they are well informed about the immigration and integration of third-country nationals.
  • Half of respondents (50%) consider that the integration of most immigrants is successful in the area in which they live, but a similar proportion (47%) believe that integration is unsuccessful at the national level.
  • The majority of respondents (69%) believe that actively promoting the integration of immigrants is a necessary investment for their country in the long run.
  • 85% respondents feel that immigrants should be able to speak at least one of the official languages of the EU, in order to be able to better integrate.
  • Just over half of respondents (53%) agree that their national government is doing enough to promote the integration of migrants into society.

Source: Special Eurobarometer 519, 2022.

The survey also confirms EU citizens’ approval (70%) of the EU approach to integration as a two-way process, and similar levels of support are shown for the EU's multi-stakeholder approach in relation to the integration process. In particular, respondents agree with the importance attached to the role of various actors in the process of integration, such as employers, schools and national authorities at both regional and local levels.

Access the report, related infographics and individual country factsheets online here. The full report and a report summary can also be found below.

Special Barometer: Integration of Immigrants in the European Union
(15.28 MB - PDF)
Special Barometer: Integration of Immigrants in the European Union - report summary
(3.06 MB - PDF)


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