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22 February 2016

Integration measures in the EU (updated December 2014)


The report entitled “Measures and rules developed in the EU Member States regarding integration of third county nationals” is a comparative analysis of schemes established in the 27 member States and Norway. It does not cover the full scope of integration policies but aims more precisely to compare national policies and measures adopted in two specific fields: language and civic knowledge, on the one hand, and access to the labour market in the other.

This report details national schemes established in the member states covered and tries to identify convergences and divergences that may emerge between national rules and practices. The report seeks to examine how states use language and civic knowledge or request migrants to fulfil such measures at three different stages on the migratory pathway: before entering the host state, after entering the host state and for the acquisition of a permanent/long-term residence permit. The report also takes into account measures developed in the states regarding migrants’ access to the labour market.

Realised with the support of the network of National Contacts Points on Integration, the report was coordinated by the European Commission and with the financial contribution of the European Fund for Integration. It contains numerous details regarding national schemes. The executive summary highlights the trends and dynamics in national schemes and how they relate to EU law:

  • The field of language and civic knowledge is subject to a real phenomenon of coordination between European States.
  • EU law is a real factor of convergence and coordination.
  • Only 5 out of 28 States have established pre-entry language or civic knowledge requirements, but an increasing number of countries are providing voluntary pre-departure information
  • Integration measures after the entry on the territory show a high degree of divergences between States
  • Language and civic integration requirements for long-term/permanent residence are showing a significant degree of convergence
Dispositifs d’intégration des ressortissant de pays tiers dans les Etats membres de l'UE
(2.61 MB - PDF)
Measures and rules developed in the EU Member States regarding integration of third county nationals
(2.25 MB - PDF)


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