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Justice Programme

Objectives of the Programme

This programme shall contribute to the further development of a European area of justice based on mutual recognition and mutual trust. It promotes:

  • judicial cooperation in civil matters, including civil and commercial matters, insolvencies, family matters and successions, etc.
  • judicial cooperation in criminal matters
  • judicial training, including language training on legal terminology, with a view to fostering a common legal and judicial culture
  • effective access to justice in Europe, including rights of victims of crime and procedural rights in criminal proceedings
  • initiatives in the field of drugs policy (judicial cooperation and crime prevention aspects)

Types of actions funded

  • Training activities (staff exchanges, workshops, development of training modules,…)
  • Mutual learning, cooperation activities, exchange of good practices, peer reviews, development of ICT tools…
  • Awareness-raising activities, dissemination, conferences,…
  • Support for main actors (key European NGOs and networks, Member States' authorities implementing Union law,…)
  • Analytical activities (studies, data collection, development of common methodologies, indicators, surveys, preparation of guides…)

EU added value

All actions to be funded by the programme must produce results whose benefits go beyond one single Member State. The following elements should in particular be looked at: Does the project contribute to the effective, comprehensive and consistent implementation of Union law instruments and policies? Will it improve public awareness and knowledge about the rights, values and principles deriving from Union law? Will it improve the understanding of potential issues affecting these rights? Is it likely to develop mutual trust among Member States and to improve cross- border cooperation? What is its transnational impact? Does it contribute to the elaboration and dissemination of best practices? Will it create practical tools and solutions that address cross-border or Union-wide challenges?

Budget 2014-2020

EUR 378 million

Participating countries

All Member States except for UK and DK.

Previous Programmes 2007-2013

The Justice Programme replaced three funding programmes which expired in 2013:

  • Civil Justice Programme
  • Criminal Justice Programme
  • Drug Prevention and Information Programme

See Programmes 2007-2013 for more details of pre-2014 programmes in these fields.