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Civil Justice Programme

The Civil Justice programme aims to eliminate obstacles to the smooth functioning of cross-border civil proceedings in EU countries and thereby to improve the daily life of individuals and businesses by fostering access to justice.


The European Parliament and the Council adopted a Decision establishing the Specific Programme "Civil justice" for the period 2007-2013 as part of the General Programme 'Fundamental Rights and Justice', in order to contribute to the strengthening of the area of Freedom, Security and Justice over the period of 2007 - 2013.

Objectives and tools

The focus of the Civil Justice programme is:

  • fostering judicial cooperation in civil matters;
  • improving mutual knowledge of EU countries' legal and judicial systems in civil matters professions and legal practitioners;
  • ensuring the sound implementation, the correct and concrete application and the evaluation of Community instruments in the area of judicial cooperation in civil and commercial matters;
  • improving information on the legal systems EU countries and access to justice.

The programme will pursue its objectives by means of transnational actions (Action grants), Operating grants or Commission's own Initiatives (Calls for tenders).

Access to the programme

Access to the programme shall be open to institutions and public or private organisations, including professional organisations, universities, research institutes and legal and judicial training institutes for legal practitioners, international organisations and non-governmental organisations of EU countries.

The target groups of the programme's activities are inter alia legal practitioners, national authorities and the citizens of the Union in general.

Annual Work Programmes

For the implementation of the Civil Justice programme the Commission has adopted the following annual work programmes:

Action grants - JCIV/AG

 Operating grants – JCIV/OG