EU Science Hub


In the scientific world, as the flood of knowledge increases, there is a greater need for reviewing and analysing this information.

The JRC coordinates knowledge services (knowledge and competence centres) to process science-based evidence to inform policy-makers and to provide tools and services for all EU policy areas.

Knowledge centres

These are virtual entities, bringing together experts and knowledge from different locations inside and outside the European Commission. Their job is to inform policy-makers in a transparent, tailored and concise manner about the status and findings of the latest scientific evidence. They are designed to be a 'one-stop-shop' in their respective areas, and include communities of practice.

Knowledge Centre for Bioeconomy

Disaster Risk Management Knowledge Centre

Knowledge Centre for Food Fraud and Quality

Knowledge Centre for Global Food and Nutrition Security

Knowledge Centre on Migration and Demography

Knowledge Centre for Territorial Policies

Competence centres

These are centred on analytical tools which can be applied to any policy area, bringing together in one place extensive expertise in this field. They offer training courses in the use of the tools for policy-making, advise on the choice of tools and also work directly with the Commission policy Directorates-General to apply the tools to the policy problems in hand.

Competence Centre on Composite Indicators and Scoreboards

Competence centre on foresight – Megatrends Hub

Competence Centre on Microeconomic Evaluation

Competence Centre on Modelling

Competence Centre on Text Mining and Analysis

Knowledge services

AI Watch