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The Green Paper "Promoting healthy diets and physical activity: a European dimension for the prevention of overweight, obesity and chronic diseases" was published by the Commission on 8 December 2005. Over 260 contributions were received in response to the public consultation from a range of diverse stakeholders including organisations from civil society, the food industry, government, health professionals and academia. Contributions were sent in from all European Union Member States, Iceland, Switzerland, Norway and a number of global organisations.

Responses were received to a range of questions put to stakeholders by the Commission on topics including the role of Community policies; how data can be improved; the way in which information to consumers should be provided; the role of public-private partnerships; what approaches to target children should be considered; what actions within workplaces would be appropriate, and how can public policy ensure that physical activity is -built into- daily routines. Within each topic, the report (320 KB) contains a number of ideas on how to tackle the emerging obesity epidemic in Europe, and summarises the position of the contributors.

The Green Paper consultation forms the first phase in the development of a European Strategy on Nutrition and Physical Activity. The Green Paper represents one of a number of consultations planned in the course of strategy development. Others include the meeting of the EU Platform for Action on Diet, Physical Activity and Health, the WHO Ministerial meeting in Istanbul in October, and meetings of the Nutrition and Physical Activity Network.

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