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Issue 180, 29 September 2016


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Preparedness for cross-border health threats

by John F. Ryan, European Commission Director for Public Health and Crisis Management

by John F. Ryan, European Commission Director for Public Health and Crisis Management

Cross border health threats represent a substantial challenge to both developed and underdeveloped countries. Because of vector spread and the development of rapid transport links across and between continents, all parts of the world can be quickly affected by outbreaks. The potential for severe human health impacts is accompanied by often very substantial societal and economic disruption. As a result, a solid preparedness culture is a good defence, allied to strong core capacities in the form of surveillance systems, reporting,  alerting and  response mechanisms covering human and animal health. The coordinatio [...]

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Health Programme Projects »

ECHEMNET - European Chemical Emergency Network

EpiSouth+ - Network for the Control of Public Health Threats and other bio-security risks in the Mediterranean Region and Balkans

SHIPSAN - The impact on maritime transport of health threats due to biological, chemical and radiological agents, including communicable diseases

AIRSAN - Coordinated action in the aviation sector to control public health threats

REACT – Response to Emerging infectious disease: Assessment and development of Core capacities and Tools

QUANDHIP - Quality Assurance Exercises and Networking on the Detection of Highly Infectious Pathogens

Syndromic Surveillance Survey, Assessment towards Guidelines for Europe. (Triple S-AGE)

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News from the EU 

Commissioner Andriukaitis says prevention and promotion key to ending nutrition-related illnesses  »

In a Huffington Post article, Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Vytenis Andriukaitis said that a primary goal in the field of health is to "ensure that healthier food is available and affordable to all across the EU".

Database of experts for non-food Scientific Committees is now open  »

Register now if you are a scientist interested in contributing to the work of the Scientific Committees in the 2016-2021 term as an external expert!

Last chance to take the Health-EU newsletter survey!  »

Help us to update the newsletter to better meet your needs by taking just a few minutes to reply to this short survey.

Learn more about the Joint Action on Nutrition and Physical Activity  »

Project materials are now available that show how JANPA is working to halt the rise of overweight and obesity in children and adolescents by 2020.

European Code Against Cancer website now available in 23 EU languages  »

The website includes a question and answer section for each of the 12 recommendations in the Code, with details about how to reduce cancer risks.

Forthcoming events 

19th European Health Forum Gastein (Gastein, Austria, 28 – 30 September 2016)  »

This event is one of the key health-related events in the EU. This year's focus is 'Demographics and Diversity in Europe – New Solutions for Health', and SANTE is participating with a focus on health crisis management including vaccination and refugee health.

New publications 

Inception Impact Assessment on Strengthening of the EU cooperation on Health Technology Assessment  »

Fighting antimicrobial resistance globally  »

The European Medicines Agency met with the US Food and Drug Administration and the Japanese Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency earlier this month to discuss regulatory approaches for evaluating new antibacterial agents.

EU Press Releases 

The European Research Council to offer €485 million in grants  »

A total of €485 million in funding Starting Grants will be awarded to 325 early-career researchers to help them to pursue ground-breaking ideas in various fields, including health.

Reporting from across Europe 

First regional conference held for the European Partnership for Affordable Health  [Bulgaria]  »

The conference on 'Cooperation in the region as a way to improve access to health care in Centre and Easter Europe' took place on 12 and 13 September, and was opened by Minister of Health Dr. Petar Moskov. 25 European countries took part.

Autonomous Communities to receive support for health information systems and strategies against rare diseases  [Spain]  »

The Council of Ministers approved Minister of Health Fatima Báñez's proposal to distribute 3,025,020 euros in credits to the Autonomous Communities for the development of health information systems and financial strategies against rare diseases.

Anti-alcohol campaign 2016: There are those who drink, and those who have fun. Which are you?  [Italy]  »

This video campaign, launched by the Italian Ministry of Health and targeted to young people, shows how drinking too much isn't much fun at all!

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