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Issue 153, 29 May 2015


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The new Tobacco Products Directive – one year on

by Linda McAvan, Member of the European Parliament, Rapporteur on the Tobacco Products Directive

by Linda McAvan, Member of the European Parliament, Rapporteur on the Tobacco Products Directive

A little over a year ago the new Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) entered into force. The Directive is a major achievement for public health in the EU, in particular as regards the protection of young people. As its provisions start to be implemented across EU countries over the coming months, we will see major changes in the type and packaging of tobacco products available on the EU market. The TPD prohibits strong flavours such as fruit or menthol in cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco. It requires that cigarette packages carry big pictures and text warnings that remind consumers of the risks of smoking and b [...]

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News from the EU 

Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis says eHealth tools have huge potential to safeguard health  »

Speaking at the eHealth week event in Riga from 11-13 May 2015, the Commissioner also said that the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing helps millions of EU citizens to continue leading healthy, active and independent lives as they grow older.

Video answers questions about risk of Ebola spreading in Europe  »

The risk of the virus spreading in EU territories is very low, thanks to high health standards and preventive care. Watch the video on Ebola, which was released on 8 May 2015.

Huge success: 70,000 school kids take part in European Healthy School Lunches  »

On 8 May, 70,000 children in Milan from pre-school to secondary schools were treated to healthy meals prepared from European recipes. The European Commission initiative was held to promote healthy diets for children and showcase the EU's work in children's nutrition.

EU Press Releases 

Eurocare welcomes the OECD report “Tackling harmful alcohol use” and its strong alcohol policy recommendations  »

European Alcohol Policy Alliance General Secretary Mariann Skar said that the report "presented a strong message to European Governments, the European Commission and the public health community" and the importance of addressing broad policy approaches.

Ebola: good news in Liberia – but no cause for complacency  »

EU Ebola Coordinator and Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management Christos Stylianides welcomed the WHO's declaration that Ebola was over in Liberia, but said the EU must sustain efforts until it was over in Sierra Leone and Guinea too.

More freedom for Member States to decide on GMO use for food and feed  »

The new approach adopted by the Commission on 22 April 2015 aims to find the right balance between maintaining an EU authorisation system and giving Member States' freedom to decide on the use of GMOs.

Reporting from across Europe 

New colorectal cancer screening test introduced  [France]  »

An awareness campaign is being launched along with the new test and includes TV and radio spots, and even a humorous video on how to take the test.

Sweden supports WHO conference on the adverse health effects of cannabis  [Sweden]  »

A WHO expert conference was held near Stockholm on 21-23 April 2015 to examine the adverse health effects of cannabis use and abuse.

New publications 

Factsheet on '10 benefits the EU brings to patients'  »

On the occasion of European Patients' Rights Day, held 12 May 2015, the Commission released a new factsheet on 10 benefits of being a patient in the European Union.

Tackling harmful alcohol use report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development  »

The report assessing alcohol policy scenarios is the result of several years of investigation and offers suggestions for a broad approach to tackling the problem of alcohol-related harm.

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