Results of “CrossMarkets-Institutional cooperation to enhance cross-border selling at local farmers’ markets” presented

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    1 November 2019 - updated 1 year ago
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On Saturday the 26th of October 2019 Pannon European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation Ltd. publicly presented its results on Croatian-Hungarian producer's exhibition and fair held in Nedelisce, Croatia.

The project’s aim was to enhance institutional cooperation across municipalities (as owners / operators of local farmers’ markets) in order to jointly develop solutions to overcome the above legal and administrative obstacles hindering farmers / primary producers in selling their products on the other side of the border.

The project was implemented in several phases. In the first phase the questionnaire surveys were conducted (with a sample of 218 local actors in total) and their results were processed in the need assessment (together with the findings and conclusions of the workshops organised). In the second phase the relevant legislations, professional and policy documents were collected and processed in the gap analysis. In the third phase, by comparing the needs and the deficiencies, the matrix of possible interventions has been elaborated by the external experts involved in the project.

In the fourth phase a bilingual information package was developed to support local producers in selling cross-border. Finally, based on the experience of the project, policy recommendations were formulated in order to eliminate the difficulties of cross-border sales discovered in the Croatian-Hungarian relations.

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