Report: Digital Innovation Hubs in Smart Specialisation Strategies

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    22 October 2018
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The JRC has recently issued this report, which examines the synergetic relationships of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) and Smart Specialisation Strategies (S3). 

The study covers selected European regions, with DIHs being the policy outcome of a S3 process or an active actor participating in S3 entrepreneurial discovery processes (EDP) and implementing parts of a S3. 

By supporting the digitalisation of the local industry, DIHs also enhance the regional innovation ecosystem, either with the provision of horizontal digitalisation support or by leading a S3 priority area. One clear role of DIHs is to make available support easier to find for local SMEs and industry. DIHs work according to different business models and a targeted funding mix, plus a matrix of different funding instruments for the digital transformation of SMEs are required for their sustainability. The report compiles 7 relevant examples (1 national and 6 regional).

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