Business models for Digital Innovation Hubs in the agriculture and food domain

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    Lorena RIVEIRO ...
    22 October 2018
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The Working Group of AIOTI in smart farming and food security has conducted a survey on how to fund Digital Innovation Hubs in the agriculture and food domain.

Agriculture DIHs are instruments conceived to support businesses, notably SMEs, farmers, agri-cooperatives and non-tech industries, in their digital transformation. Indeed, DIHs have the potential to play an important role in the democratisation of IoT and digital technologies in the European agri-food domain, but they will require significant investments from the regions and Member States, and strong coordination efforts to maximise their positive impact.

One of the points which is essential to the rollout and long-term success of agriculture DIHs is the definition of a proper business model (combining both public and private funding) which is both convenient to the DIH beneficiaries and well suited to the catalogue of services offered by the DIH.

In this survey, the (potential) beneficiaries and promoters of agri-DIH initiatives in Europe share their views on how DIHs should be organised in this particular sector.

Do you also run a Digital Innovation Hub in the field of agriculture? Are you a company that has benefitted from collaborating with such a hub? Please share your views in the comments section.