Pillar 3 - 19. Deployment and take-up of the INSPIRE Directive data infrastructure

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On track

Accelerate the deployment and take-up of the INSPIRE Directive data infrastructure

Potential of action

The main objective of the INSPIRE Directive, establishing an Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe, is to enable the better sharing of environmental spatial information among public sector organisations and better facilitate public access to spatial information across Europe. Its implementation is expected to increase efficiency and effectiveness for public administrations and for the private sector; companies looking for spatial and environmental data can save some 15 % in time and money, which is worth some EUR 150 million per year[1]. For SMEs, in particular, it can contribute to reducing time and cost of product or service delivery, can generate new customer groups or geographic markets and can lead to new or significantly improved methods, products or services[2].

Description of action

The INSPIRE Directive has reached its half-way mark, so the Commission has undertaken a substantial evaluation of the state-of-implementation and the fitness of the Directive for its intended purpose[3] (REFIT). The main results of this substantial assessment and the proposed follow up actions have been published in a recent Commission Report[4].

Member States have made individual implementation efforts over the past years which resulted in good progress. However, a large diversity exists throughout the EU and the there is no country which has fully implemented the Directive to date. Therefore, further efforts will have to be made over the coming years to close the identified gaps in implementation and steer future implementation actions towards maximising the benefits from the INSPIRE Directive. Based on the preliminary finding, there are a number of priority issues that should be addressed at Member State level (provided this is still relevant in the particular country), in particular:

In this regard the Work Programme 2016-2020 for implementing the recommendations following the REFIT has been drafted and actions towards an operational implementation of the recommendations will be published by the end of 2016.

Main responsible at the European Commission: DG ENV             Target date: 2016-2020 Status: On track

More info (website): http://inspire.ec.europa.eu/



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