Open consultation on STARTS = Science + Technology + Arts

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    15 June 2016 - updated 4 years ago
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The initiative Science + Technology + Arts = STARTS in Horizon 2020 is based on the conviction that Science, Technology and the Arts can jointly foster innovation in industry and society. The Arts can act as a catalyst for an efficient conversion of S&T knowledge into novel products, services, and processes while stimulating the involvement of citizens in innovation.

In 2016, two actions brought the Arts closer to Horizon 2020:

  • The STARTS prize gives visibility to  collaborations between arts and technology that have led to radical innovation 
  • A network of arts and technology institutions will support the alliance of the Arts with technology and industry, and identify the best ways for the Arts and technology to work together.

Any activity in STARTS has to address the double purpose of artistic relevance and pertinence for innovation in industry and society.

For Commissioner Günther Oettinger in charge of the Digital Economy and Society, collaboration between art and technology strongly benefits European innovation and will become a 'win - win interaction'  between the art world and industry. He emphasises that no restriction to the artistic freedom should be applied as it might compromise the creative process and thus, the essence of innovation as the valuable out-of-the-box thinking of artists is rooted in their artistic independence.

We are launching this consultation process to shape the next wave of collaboration between the Arts, science and technology. We are looking for input from players in industry, technology institutions and art on how they see the interaction between the Arts and technology from their perspective. We also hope to receive concrete ideas for projects in STARTS on how to support such collaborations in an industrial context.

The Commissioner suggested to reflect on "STARTS lighthouse projects" in concrete application areas where collaborations of technologists and industrialists with artists could trigger novel and alternative uses for technology and possibly even radically new technologies. Such projects could pave the way for a stronger collaboration of art and technology across all of Horizon 2020.

These projects should propose specific forms of collaboration between arts and industry/technology on novel solutions to address:

  1. Industrial problems - for instance in the automotive sector, additive manufacturing, media or creative industries;

  2. Pressing societal challenges - for instance urbanisation or social inclusion.

They might also include artistic exploration and reflections on novel uses of e.g. Internet of things, sensors, robotics, or (social) media.

The (provisional) deadline for giving input to this consultation is 18th August 2016.

You can publish your contributions as comments (below) or as Library item.

Background information on the STARTS activities.